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Ganesh pendant

Ganesh pendant

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Ganesh pendant to wear or hang in your space to encourage a connection with Ganesh & the guidance he brings 💫☯️☮️⚛️ 

Ganesha, also spelled Ganesh, also called Ganapati, is the elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, call upon him to assist you to remove any obstacles you may face , he is known as the remover of obstacles.

So much symbolism to all aspects of the Ganesh carving each part of him represents such amazing meanings

💫Big ears - symbolises listen & hear a lot of views but only filter through what’s needed for the journey

💫Carry’s a goad/ anushka - pride & ego must be conquered

💫 broken tusk - transcend the opposites

💫adaptable trunk - any task big or small must be done

💫abhay mudra - blesses us with intellect refuge & protection

💫a leg folded & a leg on the floor - while enjoying the worlds pleasures one must main detached & seek only the inner self

💫 large elephant head - dream big learn more , use your intellect to the best of your abilities

💫 poor vision but sees big - see beyond all illusions , use all the senses

💫 Pasha / noose - control the wavering mind

💫 Padma/ lotus - awakening of the consciousness

💫big belly - digest the good & bad experiences ,

💫mashaka/ mouse - ride desires but keep control

💫un- eaten sweets - do not let material pleasures distract you

We can all learn from his way 💫

Connect with Ganesh 💫

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